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Mo' Mo' Money Trouble

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Posted December 12, 2012

The Department of Justice is going to bring a civil action against the owner of a Mo' Money Taxes franchise in Nashville, Tennessee and against his girlfriend who worked in his store as a tax return preparer.

The prosecution says that they initially took notice of the work of Toney Fields and Trumekia Shaw when they learned that 100 percent of the 1,218 and 1,131 returns filed from their office in 2010 and 2011 claimed a refund. In 2009,

Arkansas Files Lawsuit Against Mo' Money Taxes

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Posted December 7, 2010

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel filed a lawsuit on December 6th that indicts Mo' Money Taxes of violating the state's 2009 Refund Loan Anticipation Act.

Earlier this year, Mo' Money Taxes decided to voluntarily return its North Carolina refund loan license after the state pursued a claim against the Memphis company for failing to observe state rules requiring disclosures in company offices.

The Arkansas suit alleges that Mo' Money broke two rules. First, the AG says that MMT failed to post required disclosures in its stores. The law says that pricing for refund anticipation loans has to be clearly displayed.  Secondly, the AG says that they put additional charges on the loans. The RAL act states that the only charges allowed are bank fees.

Mo' Money Costs More Money

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Posted January 18, 2010

I  visited Mo' Money Taxes twice over the weekend.  My conclusion is that Mo' Money is exactly what it claims to be.  Mo' Money costs more money.

Indeed, when I went into the Mo' Money in a strip mall on one of Raleigh's outer suburbs, the staff was more than able to give me an estimate.  Their estimate was simple and straightforward. Although it was based upon several moving parts (the amount of my refund, the projected cost for the tax prep, and my RAL fees), the preparer seemed both certain and giddy that I'd be better off in short order.

I am not sure why he was so certain.  Indeed, all I had done was bring in a pay-stub from August. That was all they told me that I would need when I called on the phone.  Maybe he was certain because we were in a real office, and he was using a real computer.  He was definitely giddy. He seemed so thrilled to be a part of my sudden fortune.

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