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Dollar Financial

Dollar Financial's Quarter Sheds Light on Payday Lending

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Posted April 2, 2013

DFC Global, the parent of Dollar Financial and an international purveyor of payday loans, released the numbers on a poor third quarter. While investors focused on if Dollar can recover, the transcript from their investor presentation provides a few telling gems about the state of the payday industry. There is a lot of disruption in

Wells Fargo Inks New Commercial Payday Loan Agreement

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Posted January 7, 2013

Wells Fargo has announced a new agreement with Dollar Financial (DFC Global Corp a/k/a Dollar Financial Corp.) to provide a non-recourse line of credit to support the firms global payday lending operation.

Dollar Financial ("DLLR") is the parent of National Money Mart Company, Instant Cash Loans Limited, and Dollar Financial, U.K.

Wells Fargo is the bank at the heart of the contract. Wells is acting as not only the

Wells Fargo Facilitates Credit to National Payday Lender

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Posted January 3, 2012

Dollar Financial reports that it has secured a renewal on its current line of credit. In an announcement dated December 30th, Dollar (ticker: DLLR) said that the new line will afford it more flexibility and on favorable terms.

The $200 million line is offered by a syndicate and facilitated by Wells Fargo. The line can be used

Bank Notes: Dollar Financial, CompuCredit, Continental Prison Systems, HUD Mobile Home Shipments

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Posted April 15, 2011

Debit Card for Prisoners Gaining Interest: Continental Prisons Systems (CPSZ) share prices doubled on Thursday. On Friday, it moved another 34 percent.  Continental Prison has a kiosk and a card that enable prisoners to transfer funds. The cards save prisons a lot of money and help to avoid the issues that come with writing checks to convicts.  For the prisoners, it is a tradeoff: they can support family and friends on the outside, they can walk out with a card and

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