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Jackson Hewitt: "We've Got 'Em, Others Don't"

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Posted January 12, 2011

A dedicated Bank Talk reader had the wherewithal to snap a photo of the new marketing placard at a nearby Jackson Hewiitt. Here is a copy of the photo that he sent:

Do you get the main idea? This Jackson Hewitt has refund anticipation loans. Other preparers do not have refund anticipation loans. VITA sites and the local H&R Block store do not have refund anticipation loans.  You can check with your CPA. He or she may be able to offer you a short-term loan product with a variety of fees.

The picture shows a Jackson Hewitt store, with a new banner hanging from the roof canopy. It says "Refund Anticipation Loans: We've Got' Em, Others Don't."

It is important to remember that Jackson Hewitt is first and foremost a tax preparation service, and not a consumer loan provider.

The store to the right sells Beauty Supply products. The store on the left (facing out) offers Soul Food.

I've deliberately smudged the phone number and name of the Soul Food Kitchen.  Suffice to say that it is located in a mid-sized Southern city. My entreaties into its menu reveal that it offers turkey neck gravy, smothered pork chops, and red beans & rice with collard greens. Yum. That is a restaurant that is first and foremost a restaurant.