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Duke Last in ACC Census 2010 Championship

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Posted April 15, 2010

Tomorrow is the last day to get your forms in for Census 2010.  After that, it will depend upon the efforts of Census workers to track down non-participating households.

Yesterday I mentioned how well North Carolina was doing.  At the end of my entry, I observed that the neighborhood around Duke University was lagging.  I will concede that any university is going to have a lower-than-normal response rate.  After all, kids are kids.  The Census counts heads according to where they slept on the night of April 1, 2010. Again, Duke may have some kind of special dispensation, because their basketball team was about to play in the Final Four.  Nonetheless, their turnout is still very low.  As of today, only one in six (16 percent) of households in the neighborhoods around Duke's West Campus have sent in their forms.  That is low - even lower than the 37 percent that the same neighborhood attained in 2000.

I wanted to follow that up today by seeing how well other universities are doing. Let's cruise the ACC:

  • UNC Chapel Hill: four neighborhoods range from 57 percent to 65 percent.
  • Wake Forest: 76 percent
  • NC State: 65 percent
  • Boston College: 75 percent
  • Clemson University (29634): 88 percent
  • Florida State, 32313: 46 and 47 percent
  • Virginia Tech, 24060: 66 percent
  • University of Miami, 33124: 36 percent
  • University of Virginia, 22901: 62 percent
  • University of Maryland, 20742: 42 percent
  • Georgia Tech, 30332: 45 percent

I hope that Duke can get out the vote.  My sense is that there is a lot of opportunity for some change.  Duke has the resources to mobilize its students.  It also has reach into its surrounding neighborhoods, like the West End and Lakeview.

I've contacted the offices of Dr. Phail Wynn, who leads Duke's efforts at community engagement.