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Notes from the Power of Prepaid Day One

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Posted June 4, 2012

On a per-transaction basis, it currently costs about forty to fifty cents to process a check captured through remote deposit.

One and done is a hard problem, says Steve Streit. Out of 100 cards purchased, half will be used for 2 days, 25 for about five months, and then the rest for about two years. "When a product is placed in a store near a Hershey's

Somalis Protest Closure of Hawalas

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Posted January 13, 2012

Somalis in Minneapolis protested in the streets of St. Paul, angry that local banks will no longer honor hawala transactions.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, a center in the United States for hawala transactions, is the home for many Somalis that want to send money back to their relatives.

A Hawala Dar sending money from Peshawar.

The hawala system allows people to move sums of money across borders with no formal record of any kind. It presents a challenging question. On the face, it seems like a system tailor-made for criminal networks such as Al-Queda. On the other hand, it serves as a substitute mode of money remittance to countries where there is no real banking system.


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