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Refund Anticipation Loans

Jackson Hewitt Offering a $500 Tax Refund Advance

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Posted February 12, 2015

With the exception of stores in a handful of states, tax filers at Jackson Hewitt stores will be able to get a small advance on their federal refund in 2015.

Online, Jackson Hewitt says that those with a refund due of at least $1,000 can potentially qualify for a $200 advance. I say potentially because it does appear that the company intends to vet their applicants. At our local store, though, the story was slightly different. The refund has now grown to $500 with the condition that approved filers are due at least $1,500. 

Until this recent change, Jackson Hewitt's advance was only a fraction of the sum available at the independent preparers who had signed up to work with Refundo. Refundo's advance is $500. But of note, Jackson Hewitt is claiming a quicker turnaround. Our local store said that the $500 could be available in just three to four hours. 

Online disclosures purport that 1st Money Center is the actual offeror of the loan. 

Pictures from the H&R Block Store with Tax Advance Loans

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Posted January 8, 2013

The inside of the H&R Block store in Gallup, New Mexico where customers received cash advance on their tax refund last year. While the taxes were filed with H&R Block, the advances were provided by S/W Tax Loans. The stores share an office and the same ownership.

This picture shows the inside of the H&R Block store in Gallup, New Mexico where consumers have been able to access cash advances on early season tax preparation services.

The divider on the near left has a Block poster for the Peace of Mind guarantee program.

Mo' Mo' Money Trouble

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Posted December 12, 2012

The Department of Justice is going to bring a civil action against the owner of a Mo' Money Taxes franchise in Nashville, Tennessee and against his girlfriend who worked in his store as a tax return preparer.

The prosecution says that they initially took notice of the work of Toney Fields and Trumekia Shaw when they learned that 100 percent of the 1,218 and 1,131 returns filed from their office in 2010 and 2011 claimed a refund. In 2009,

HR Block Gets Back to Basics: Better Plan that Getting More RALs

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Posted August 24, 2011

The details can be extracted from the firm's two most recent annual reports.

There was a significant change to how Block ran its tax business in 2011. During the most recent tax season, Block did not offer any refund anticipation loans. Block, through a partnership with Household Finance, was the first tax company to offer the tax refund loan. Last year, HSBC pulled out of the market. Block reported $146 million in fee

Republic and Jackson Hewitt Extend Agreement through 2014

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Posted August 5, 2011

Republic Bank will continue to provide tax settlement products for customers of Jackson Hewitt through 2014. Republic filed an 8-k this morning that details the agreement.

If it was not clear before, this should make it fairly straightforward that there will be refund anticipation loans available to consumers in the upcoming tax season.

The agreement includes both assisted refunds and refund anticipation loans.


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