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H&R Block Calls Out the DIY Return

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Posted June 9, 2015

H&R Block provided a review of their 2015 tax season results during a call yesterday evening. Given its scale, Block's results are a good proxy for their entire tax season. The company estimates that it helped to prepare one of every seven returns filed this year. Block says it sold 5.1 million refund transfers and issued another 2.4 million Emerald Cards.

But instead of sticking to a nuts-and-bolts presentation of financial results, Block CEO William Cobb went on at length to discuss the issue of tax fraud. 

Bank of Internet to Buy Block Bank

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Posted April 11, 2014

Bank of the Internet says that it has reached an agreement to buy Block Bank. It is the second time that Block has reached such an agreement in the last year. Last time the buyer was Republic Bank, but it was held up by regulators. The same contingency is on everyone's mind this time as well.

Back in November, I wrote that B of I was the likely suitor: My suspicion hinged on the announcement that B

Pictures from the H&R Block Store with Tax Advance Loans

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Posted January 8, 2013

The inside of the H&R Block store in Gallup, New Mexico where customers received cash advance on their tax refund last year. While the taxes were filed with H&R Block, the advances were provided by S/W Tax Loans. The stores share an office and the same ownership.

This picture shows the inside of the H&R Block store in Gallup, New Mexico where consumers have been able to access cash advances on early season tax preparation services.

The divider on the near left has a Block poster for the Peace of Mind guarantee program.

Block Fumbles on Early Success with Free Refund Checks

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Posted March 9, 2012

I was ready to give H&R Block a big pat on the back for their promotional free refund anticipation check, but then I lost my enthusiasm after a little bit of calling around.

During Block's March 7th investor call, Block's CEO led off with his belief that offering free refund anticipation checks had been a boon for business.

Connect the Dots from RedGear to H&R Block

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Posted January 24, 2012

H&R Block owns the tax preparation software company that will channel financial products to tax filers in locations through the United States this year.

RedGear Technologies, based out of Utah, is a subsidiary of H&R Block. Block acquired RedGear a few years ago. RedGear's primary product is TaxWorks, a tax software package designed to help preparers by offering


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