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Green Dot

Don't Count Green Dot Out Just Yet

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Posted October 12, 2012

Yesterday I tweeted out my view that Green Dot shares are being punished by an overreaction to the power of the relationship between Wal-Mart and Green Dot.

Well, I have had twenty-four hours to think about what I said, and I still feel that people are wrong about this company.

I understand that Green Dot is going to lose some business from Amex's Bluebird card, but everyone should be

What They Forgot to Mention: Amex Bluebird in Wal-Mart

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Posted October 9, 2012

Everyone seems to have forgotten an important thing about American Express prepaid debit cards.

They cannot accept a federal benefits payment.

I think that investors and the press have both over-reacted to the news of Amex's new contract with Wal-Mart to put their Bluebird prepaid cards on the shelves of the world's largest retailer. Immediately after opening, Green Dot shares fell fifteen

Fortunes Changing for Green Dot

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Posted July 27, 2012

Yesterday's investor call held by Green Dot paints a fascinating picture of the fluctuations in the prepaid market. I would encourage anyone interested in the prepaid space to read it.

It covered several significant events. On the positive side, Green Dot signed up some new program manager partnerships. On the negative side, Green Dot says it will lose several exclusive retail partnerships. That,


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