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Green Dot

Reaction to Green Dot's GoBank

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Posted January 15, 2013

Green Dot introduced GoBank, its new mobile checking account, at a presentation in San Francisco today. GoBank is such a change from the traditional Green Dot prepaid card that it is hard to know where to start in talking about it. Even Green Dot seems ready for some surprises - they are rolling out the card on a limited release for now, and they may make updates to the card's features as often as every two weeks. But count me impressed because it is very affordable, it does a lot, and it gives people plenty of opportunities to tailor how they do their banking.

You may have noticed that banks are about as hesitant to change as can be. One survey said that consumers see banks as

The Unmet Innovation in Prepaid

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Posted November 6, 2012

Given that prepaid debit cards have changed a lot in recent years and given that there is an expectation that they will continue to change rapidly in the future, one of the most important conversations about the product tends to be around future innovation. The questions of how and if credit will be adopted on prepaid is most closely linked to innovation, but there are better blue oceans to explore. In the last few years, no innovation has disrupted more


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