Posted on April 16, 2008

As the days approach for California's decisions on Proposition 98 and 99, it is worth looking at how eminent domain has been utilized in other parts of the country to redevelop trailer parks. Protecting property owners from the use of eminent domain and and eliminating rent control are the foci of Proposition 98. The two issues are tangentially related by nature. Certainly, owners of property in California would generally be elated to see both cast aside.

New Jersey is one state that has had extensive legal precedents for the use of eminent domain in mobile home parks. It all started last year, when owners of 2 mobile home parks in Lodi, New Jersey got notice that the town's planning board wanted to declare their property "blighted." The town had intentions, under the Local Redevelopment Housing Law, to revitalize the area with new retail and with a senior housing complex.

New Jersey, a state that has done a lot to contribute to affordable housing law (most notably

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Posted on April 4, 2008

Maybe because this blog would like a break from sisyphean Federal comments and things like that, it is time to go out and offer praise for some good work that made a difference.

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Posted on April 3, 2008

The Federal Reserve is proposing a change that would have a large impact upon how lending takes place for most manufactured housing.

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Posted on April 2, 2008

Are you due some help from the federal government?

Not, I don't mean mortgage securitizers or bond traders.  I mean the tens of thousands of low to moderate income Americans living in mobile home parks that are being closed with frightening regularity.

Well, if you are in the latter group, you are not going to get any help from the feds.

Still, if you live in Oregon, you will.

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Posted on April 1, 2008

Yesterday, leaders in the Democratic party set about to vilify HUD Secretary Jackson on the day of his resignation. They did not just focus on the event that led to his demise -- the charges of cronyistic corruption -- but also upon the broader path that he set as the leader of one of the federal government's most significant housing agencies.

Some said that Jackson was a perfect appointee, designed to prove that government could not do anything.

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Posted on March 31, 2008

Today we have news that Alfonso Jackson will resign from his position as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. While there could be some debate if HUD Secretary is the leading housing figure in the federal government, there is less so that this person is the most important in regard to manufactured housing.

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Posted on March 28, 2008

I have been involved in helping to plan a conference for regional housing and planning officials in North Carolina. The conference aims to introduce about 100 government and nonprofit professionals into how to revitalize the manufactured housing in the four or five counties within their planning area.

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