Posted on March 30, 2016

People are borrowing from Conn's to buy electronics and furniture that they really can't afford. As those vintages mature, the cost of easy credit is becoming more and more apparent.

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Posted on February 25, 2016

It seems to be the case that Green Dot is going to put Harvest Capital's plan into its playbook.

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Posted on February 22, 2016

Don't believe they hype. No one makes a free non-recourse loan. The new free RAL is neither free nor transparent.

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Posted on February 3, 2016

Citing the current volatility in US equity markets, non-bank consumer lender Elevate has decided to withdraw its proposed initial public offering of common shares. 

Elevate is the company behind Rise, Sunny, and Elastic. I recently wrote about Elastic, the line of credit product that Elevate markets in tandem with Republic Bank of Kentucky and a variety of subsidiaries owned by Victory Park Capital. 

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Posted on February 1, 2016

There are several flavors of payday loans. They are all bitter, but some are not even legal.

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Posted on January 26, 2016

Harvest Capital's critique doesn't add up.

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Posted on January 12, 2016

They're back. But free? Nothing is free.

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Connecting the Dots: How Wall Street Brings Fringe Lending to Main Street

"I Feel Like I was Set Up to Fail: Inside a For-Profit College Nightmare."

This story was published in Salon Magazine on January 27th, 2014. In March, Senator Richard Durbin cited this story when speaking on behalf of his bill, The Student Loan Borrowers Bill of Rights.

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