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About WiseWage

In 2017, Reinvestment Partners launched WiseWage.

WiseWage aims to enroll unbanked workers in prepaid and debit card accounts that can be used to accept wages by direct deposit. By doing so, workers can avoid the cost of check cashing fees. It can cost as much as three percent of the face value of a worker's paycheck to use a check cashing service.

We have curated our accounts. We only offer accounts, if used correctly, can be free to workers. 

We focus on outreach to small businesses. A theory behind our business is that employers can play a roll in migrating workers into bank accounts. Employers benefit when they can pay with direct deposit, as it reduces the time and expense of operating payroll. They have a natural incentive to partner with their workers. No other website uses this approach. 

We have the generous support of the MetLife Foundation.