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private for-profit education

November 11, 2015

We could honor our servicemembers by re-writing the 90/10 rule.

March 5, 2015

When the St. Louis Fed examined disparities in wealth, African-Americans still came up short even after controlling for age and educational attainment.

October 3, 2014

For-profit schools now attract ten percent of new enrollments because our community college system is failing. We aren't spending enough at the schools which have the greatest capacity to reduce economic inequality. The result: our least advantaged are taking on an average of $23,000 in debt in order to try to get a career.

June 19, 2014

Having determined that Corinthian Colleges, Inc. had been slow to respond to their request for further documentation on job placement results, The US Department of Education is going to put additional constraints on the cash flows of the for-

March 27, 2014

Yesterday, Senator Richard Durbin cited details from my recent story in Salon on the floor of the Senate.

It is easy to go back to school, the recruiters will tell you over the phone. In fact we can sign you up for federal loans right now. That is what happened to Jaqueta Cherry from North Carolina. After trying a community college, Jaqueta was lured by a kind voice on the other end of the telephone and the fancy commercials on television from for-profit schools. She saw them in North Carolina. You see them across the United States. Get on a bus in Chicago and look around; you will see all the signs trying to lure young people on those buses into for-profit schools. Jaqueta said "the schools blew up my phone. She enrolled at Everest College, part of the Corinthian College chain. The California Attorney General is currently suing that chain of schools and the Departmetn of Education is investigating allegations that they lied to the federal government about job placements. Meanwhile, Jaqueta's living situation changed and she had to drop out because she couldn't continue her studies at Everest. It wasn't long before she was tracked down by another for-profit school through a pop-up ad she clicked on on the Internet. If you are college-aged and get on the internet, you are going to see these ads bombarding you for for-profit colleges and universities. She got a call the next day from Education Management's Art Institutes and signed up for an online program. After taking out more loans, Jaqueta found herself unable to continue her courses. Her roommate moved out, left her with unpaid bills. Her only access to the Internet was a phone which was turned off two days prior to her final exams. Well at that point, she was thousands of dollars in debt with nothing to show for it. Guess what? The calls kept coming. The calls that she got from Everest and the Art Institute these days are the not the kind voices that they used to be. "They are very mean and threatening," she says.  Not surprising. See Jaqueta is no longer an ATM machine from which they can withdraw federal loans."

Here is a link to the C-Span video.

February 18, 2014

Yesterday, Penn State announced that they had chosen a new President. Eric Barron, formerly of Florida State, signed a 5-year contract worth $6 million.

But as much as that seems like a lot of money, particularly for someone working for a state government in education, it is only a fraction of the typical earnings for an executive in the for-profit college sector. The following shows the salaries at twelve publicly-

October 17, 2013

Last week California Attorney General Kamala Harris filed a lawsuit which alleges that Corinthian Colleges Incorporated, a for-profit university with more than 80,000 s

August 30, 2013

The following is a transcript of my interview with "Bernard." I spoke to Bernard a few weeks back at a local education center where he was pursuing a general equivalency diploma ("GED"). Bernard has now earned his GED. Bernard's story shows how difficult it can be for

August 29, 2013

For a few hundred dollars, a high school dropout can buy a degree from institutions known as "diploma mills." These schools have secured accreditation but most colleges will reject their degrees. Generally, the degrees are purchased from web sites.

Some of the senior staff at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have indicated that they want to explore how colleges and universities earn accreditation. Less has been said of how similar mechanisms exist at the secondary level. Students buy diplomas for only a few reasons, however. One of the most common is to gain admission to a post-secondary institution.

June 19, 2013

Education Management Corporation, the corporate parent of several private for-profit universities (most notably, the Art Institutes, but also Argosy, South and Brown-Mackie) is bleeding cash.

With approximately 130,000 current students, the collective campuses of Education Management ("EDMC") make up one of the larger university systems in the country.