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Pictures from the H&R Block Store with Tax Advance Loans

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Posted January 8, 2013

The inside of the H&R Block store in Gallup, New Mexico where customers received cash advance on their tax refund last year. While the taxes were filed with H&R Block, the advances were provided by S/W Tax Loans. The stores share an office and the same ownership.

This picture shows the inside of the H&R Block store in Gallup, New Mexico where consumers have been able to access cash advances on early season tax preparation services.

The divider on the near left has a Block poster for the Peace of Mind guarantee program.

The entrance to S/W Tax Loans is at the rear of the hallway.

The signage says "Tax Loans."

This picture was taken last year.

As a non-bank, S/W Tax Loans is not subject to the FDIC's supervision. The FDIC has forced each of the FDIC-regulated banks that have offered tax loans to stop their programs.

This picture shows the front of the store. Note that there is no signage for S/W Tax Loans.

The text on the window at H&R Block reads:

"There is no such thing as too complicated.

Tax Loans Available Right Now

You Might be Missing Money on your Return."