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Mo' Money Now MoneyCo USA

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Posted January 28, 2011

Mo' Money Taxes re-branded itself as MoneyCo USA last year. They've honored their long tradition of producing unusual advertisements. Since I want to do two things - keep readers informed and keep readers entertained, I am going to embed one of their new ads.

RIP MMT (1995-2010).

What's Different, What's the Same?

  • MoneyCo USA 2011 will not operate in North Carolina.
  • JP Morgan Chase will not provide refund anticipation loans to MoneyCo.
  • Former MMT customers may be able to go into a MoneyCo store and find that the new company has kept all of their previous tax records on file.
  • Even though the Arkansas Attorney General is suing the owners of Mo' Money Taxes, MoneyCo USA is operating six stores in the state.

It still costs about $350 to get your taxes done.