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June Traffic Tops Yearly High

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Posted July 1, 2010

Bank Talk attracted 20, 425 hits this month. That's higher than the previous peak for the year, which came in May.

Here's a small chart that graphs out that traffic.

Some of the top stories:

Green Dot Mixes it Up with Wal-Mart

Green Dot is seeking to buy Bonneville Bank, a small state-chartered bank in Utah. Bank Talk spotlighted the role of

Wal-Mart in this acquisition on March 23rd. We commented to the Federal Reserve. On June 16th, the story hit the rest of the press, with coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the New York Times, and the FT. Bank Talk penned an editorial that was published in the American Banker. Other coverage included:

Now, Wal-Mart's plans are on the lips of leaders across the unbanked sector. Even prepaid industry press agreed: "Green Dot is tied to the hip of Wal-Mart."


June was an important month for governance of our financial markets. Bank Talk had several things to say:

More on the Housing Markets

Bank Talk reviewed some developments in housing:
More foreclosures in multi-family apartment complexes?
Is there a mismatch between existing supply and long-term expectations for demand?