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Live Blogging the CRA (V)

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Posted September 16, 2009

Rep. Cleaver...."I"...raises his hands..."I am having a really weird time in Congress....I am having a lot of weird experiences that I didn't expect..."

More time passes.

"It seems to me like we are  not supposed to ingore indisputable facts."

More time passes. He then makes a point.  He says that the law states, in its exact language, that the law is supposed to support sound lending.  He says he will yield to anyone on the planet who can say it differently.

A man in a gray suit gets up.  He appears to have something to say.  Frank does not want to recognize him.  Cleaver is

willing to recognize him.

Cleaver asks, "Are you getting ready to read from the bill?"

Its hard to hear what he has to say.  He is not near a microphone.

Cleaver: "Do you have a copy of the bill?  If he isn't going to read from the bill, then I don't want to hear it.  I want anyone to read from the bill who can say something contrary. "

No one speaks.

Cleaver: "I yield."


Josh Silver is now looking down.  Wait, his eyes are up, looking toward Cleaver.  Oh, back to the right.  Back down to the floor.

- -

They switch to a new topic: CRA exam scoring.  CRA scoring is notorioulsly optimistic.  Whereas 5 to 10 percent of banks used to get a failing grade, now less than 1 percent do.

Benson suggests that the problem is that there is no C.  You can get, in the metaphor of school grading, either an "A" or "B" or a "D" or an "F."