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Raleigh: Evict Residents from Trailers, Move Students into Trailers

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Posted May 20, 2008

What happens when 1355 new homes replace a mid-sized MH Park? The City of Raleigh, and its public schools, may find out soon.

In the analysis of impacts, provided by the City of Oaks' own planners, it emerges that rezoning the existing manufactured housing park will portend dramatic increases in the demand for schools:

The planning documents indicate that this rezoning would put an additional 599 new students in the area's schools.  Those students would most likely enter primary, middle, and secondary schools that are all either currently overcrowded or that would become so.

Fox Road Elementary would get the largest share of additional students.  Currently holding about 800 students, the planners project that Fox Road grows to 1168 students.  That is 120 percent of maximum capacity.

Wake Forest Middle only grows by about 90 students, but since it is already enrolled beyond its capacity, the new zoning hardly makes sense.

Last, Wakefield High also gets another 100 students.  It has the same profile as Wake Forest Middle -- already overcrowded.  Wakefield High draws students from Wakefield Plantation, the subdivision whose

residents opposed the inclusion of students from the Dubois community just last year.

Some have noted that there are already 31 trailers at Wakefield High.

In an odd turn of events, then, this rezoning will mean that fewer low income people live in manufactured housing.  Presumably, they will end up in small apartments that cost the same or even more as their singlewides.  Yet, new trailers will have to be purchased and they will end up serving as classrooms for students from some of Raleigh's most well-off neighborhoods.